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Other Uniform Standards
4th Bn. Talavera (Spn.) 71st NY Inf. 1st Vol. Cav. B Tr.


Of the 6th U.S. Inf. B Co.

It is a requirement that all members obtain uniforms and equipment appropriate for their presentations. U.S. military portrayals must represent units on active duty in 1898. Individual impressions, whether military or civilian (ie; coorespondant) must be approved by vote of the standing membership. An impression should be supported by photographs, government records, or narratives.

1. Equipment must be obtained within a period of 1 year. The following list is for joining the US Regular Infantry. It should be followed as closely as possible. If you have any questions about the uniform, or equipment don't hesitate to call. Whenever placing an order, it is suggested to remind the supplier that you are working on your portrayal of a Spanish American War Soldier. Other portrayals such as Spanish, US Vol., and US Vol. Cavalry will be forthcoming.

N/A = None Available

Initial Items
Item Vendors
1889 campaign hat w/snowflake vent F. Burgess & Co. N/A
1883 Campaign Shirt - blue wool Frazer Brothers Quartermaster Shop
1885 Infantry Trousers, med. blue wool Frazer Brothers Quartermaster Shop
1897 Leggings Eureka Arsenal Steve Davis
1894 Cartridge Belt, fed. blue with C clasp1 Eureka Arsenal N/A
1878 Canteen with black sling Frazer Brothers N/A
1898 Haversack w/black sling Steve Davis F. Burgess & Co. (sling)
Rubber Poncho (civil war) C&D Jarnigan N/A
Campaign Shoes, black with hooks & eyes, resoled w/leather2 Manifest Destiny N/A
Krag Rifle '92, '96, '98, w/full stocks & sling swivels Gun Shows & Auctions N/A
Krag Bayonet with scabbord Military Historical Arms Gun Shows & Auctions
1887 Rifle Sling, russet with one trefoil hook S&S Firearms N/A
1. Must be ordered immediatly, a single looped blue belt w/c clasp may be worn until received
2. Civil War brogans may be worn until received

Within 1 Year
Item Vendors
1858 Army Blanket, gray w/stripes & U.S. C&D Jarnigan N/A
1864 Dog Tent, only one section C&D Jarnigan N/A
Tent Poles & pins The Spanish War 1898 N/A
1885 Army Cup "dipper" Frazer Brothers F. Burgess & Co.
1918 Messkit (or earlier) with utensils Gun Shows & Auctions Military Dealers

Item Vendors
1883 or 1887 Five Button Army Blouse3 Quartermaster Shop N/A
1895 Army Cap4 Dirty Billy's Hats N/A
1884 Brown Duck Fatigue Uniform (recommended) Quartermaster Shop N/A
Suspenders Quartermaster Shop N/A
1889 Overcoat, medium blue w/cape Quartermaster Shop N/A
3. Highly Recommended, mandatory for NCO's
4. Mandatory for NCO's

To Supplier Contact Information

Equipment Notes

In 1884 the army sold off all its Civil War surplus. The uniforms & gear which followed were new patterns.The new uniforms were standardized and there was little variation between rank of service. This line of equipment remained in use, largely unchanged, until 1899.

We recommend the Quartermaster Shop '85 trousers,'83 wool shirt and '83 or '87 blouse. The quality is superior, the patterns are authentic. The '83 blouse is mandatory for NCO's.

Eureka Arsenal makes very authentic leggings to order. Get the 15 1/2" tall pattern.

Manifest Destiny sells surplus boots. This is a simple ankle boot, but must be resoled with leather. Specify black with hooks and eyes. Civil War brogans can be worn until received.

Eureka Arsenal makes the '94 30-40 double looped belt to order along with the '96 Cavalry version. Order this at once, a blue single loop belt with C clasp can be worn until received. National guard units used drab or blue 1887 belts with U.S. H-plate. Khaki contractor belts were generally issued to the new U.S. Vol. regiments.

The '78 blanket bag (pack) was seldom used in Cuba so, like the original troops we use tentrolls. This is a single shelter-half rolled around a poncho, blanket and extra clothes and tied off with a 6' length of 3/8" manila rope. Get your "dog-tent" half from C&D Jarnigan to be sure that it is compatible with others so that you can put up a tent. Jarnigan also has an excellent poncho (unchanged since the Civil War) and the 1851 blanket. This blanket is grey with two black stripes and a US in the center. The '89 blanket was unchanged except that the markings were dark blue. A plain grey blanket can be marked with a blue dye. We make our own tentpoles and pins from the 1889 Q.M. Regs.

The drab campaign hat was worn through out the army in 1898. F.Burgess has an excellent version, specify snowflake vent. Service brass was worn on the front of the hat, but was also worn on the side or not at all. The hat was to be creased front to back but was actually worn in many shapes, especially in the field.

The '87 sling was used on both the Krag and Trapdoor rifles and is sold by S&S. Other accessories such as oilers, tools & parts are sold by S&S or at gun shows. Krag bayonets and scabbards are usually available at Military Historical Arms.

Original haversacks don't hold up well at events, so get a Steve Davis 1885/1898 haversack. You can get 1910 messkits for $15 to $35 (same as the 1898 pattern but made of aluminum instead of iron).

Quartermaster Shop also makes brown '84 fatigues to order. Regulars often wore them in Cuba. 6th U.S. can wear them at backwoods events.

Membership I.D. numbers will be stenciled in black ink on canteen and haversack below the U.S. and below the hook on the rifle sling. 6th Inf. Co.B will be stenciled above the U.S. on canteen and haversack. The company will supply the stencil.

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